What is on the Wonder Rug??

Hi Parents!!!

We are now having Wonder Rug (show and tell) everyday instead of on just Fridays! So if you child has something to share, please allow them to do so. I ask that your child leave their Wonder Rug inside of the book bags until the time to share, which is usually right after our lunch! Wonder Rug is a special time for the children to share different and special things that they have at home. Please know that Wonder Rug items are NOT toys! I ask the children to bring in things like a postcard or souvenir from a different country or state, a piece of jewelry that may have been passed down from generation to generation, or something that is out of the ordinary! The children love and are always eager to share!

Feel to email me at mboulware@freedommontessori.org, for any questions about Wonder Rug!

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