Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, we are implementing a new system starting this week, stars will be given out to the children who are behaving exceptionally well within a period of time. To give these children a bit more intrinsic motivation, we are trying to focus on the positive behaviors. (However, that doesn’t mean disruptive behaviors are ignored)  Depending on the number of stars a child has, they will be assigned responsibilities/privileges accordingly (pencil sharpening, line leader, carrying the class back pack, etc.). When we have a sum of 40 stars from all the children, we are planning to have a party with popcorn and a movie (Frozen is a popular vote so far). Please encourage your child to continue earning stars so they can have a popcorn party! We are seeing great improvements already!

Other than this venturous new implementation, we are learning about the 5 senses this week during line time. For your information, line time usually lasts anywhere from 30 mins to an hour depending on the schedule and the circumstances that day. We talked about the 5 senses, and each day of this week we will try to cover each sense with more depth.

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