A day from our classroom: 5/22/14


Everyone had a lesson on singular and plural nouns.  They are signified with a black triangle over the top and the children found nouns in there sight words.   Their vocabulary is building, but words without experience is nonsense to a child.  For example, no one knew what a KIMONO was, so we had a discussion about it and I found pictures to show them.  We have been hard at work on various language lessons which you should have seen by the work they bring home in their folders.

We had grace and courtesy lessons.  No one was afraid to ask for help, and all were eager to aid their friends in various lessons.  I love that they are able to get leadership opportunities, and can build self-esteem by being a role model.

They had a great time on our short walk outside.  Everyone is very imaginative.  Outside work was really satisfying for our children.  We enjoyed wonder rug outside in the sensory garden.  Afterward, some kids watered various plants while others planted tomato plants and dug in the dirt.  It was exciting to find worms.

The day ended with a few nursery rhymes and a nice prayer from Addie.

Peace and love,

Mrs. Noah


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