Tu de ta

Your child may come home singing the song Tu De Ta which is a silly song we do for fun to practice listening skills and movement with isolations.  Today we changed the words to:  Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace, I’m going to see my savior’s face, because heaven is a wonderful place!  Hallelujah!

Today was fun, and your children were working hard on various lessons in the classroom.  We were all able to paint a tree and made a Carolina Wren footprint which we will add feathers too this week.

We went to the library to see a show about imagination by the Columbia Marionette Theatre.  You can check out more about the theatre at www.cmtpuppet.org.

Professor Brainstorm’s Brilliant Idea | Puppets by John Scollon
The Community Science Fair is just around the corner and Professor Brainstorm is on the verge of creating ‘The Most Useful Thing Ever’…if he can only figure out what that is! With the help of his robot friend, Reboot, and the principles of the scientific method, see how his brilliant idea comes to life!


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“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
― Albert Einstein

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