Yoga: the benefits and similarities to Montessori

Similarities of Yoga and Montessori
1) Both have a calming and centering affect on the child.
2) Both begin simply and then gradually increase in difficulty.
3) Both provide movement. (Maria Montessori built movement into the work
and eliminated sitting at desks.)
4) Both yoga and Montessori build peace from the inside out.
5) Both yoga and Montessori focus inward and increase awareness.
6) Both yoga and Montessori are non-competitive.
7) Like Montessori work, the emphasis for Yoga With Children is on the
process, not the end product. Enjoy the poses without concern about doing
the perfect pose.
8) Like with other work, we want the child to be successful in order to build
self esteem, so the poses are modified and sequenced to give the child the
tools to do them successfully.
9) There are three parts of a pose: going into a pose, being in the pose, and
coming out of a pose with control. These correlate with carrying a piece of
work from the shelf, using the work, and thoughtfully placing a work back
on the shelf.

Some Benefits of Yoga With Children
1) Provides movement, stretches, and builds the muscles
2) Stimulates the internal organs to function properly
3) Helps the child calm and center himself in his body
4) Helps the child calm and center his mind
5) Increases the ability to focus and concentrate
6) Increases attention span
7) Increases awareness of the body
8) Reconnects the child to his body
9) Promotes a sense of well-being
10) Increases confidence and self-esteem
11) Builds peace from the inside
12) Helps the child cope with stress
13) Relax and sleep better
14) Improves digestion
15) Helps normalize weight



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