Freedom Montessori » Mrs. Noah Sat, 28 Mar 2015 04:06:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Toddler Yoga Sat, 28 Mar 2015 04:06:44 +0000 Read more]]> yo4yo6In today’s yoga class, we practiced Sun salutations which included the following poses: Mountain pose, Forward bend (hello feet), Downward facing dog, plank, upward facing dog, forward bend (good bye feet).

We also tried to balance our knees on our elbows in egg pose, and some of our eggs tried to roll away!

Then we flew away on Mrs. Noah.  Nolan was nervous at first, but couldn’t leave without giving it a try.  Our friends were so kind to help each other fly!

yo5 yo3 yo2 yo1 yo

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Montessori @ Home….. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:34:43 +0000 Read more]]> Thank you for attending the Montessori Parent Workshop. We hope that you found the workshop informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal was to increase your understanding of the Montessori method and to introduce and provide resources that will support our classroom instruction.  

You were a great group and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun. Thank you for your comments and we hope future workshops will be even more of a success.

If we can be of help in any way, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


Mrs. Noah

Mrs. Boulware

Ps…. If you didn’t come tonight, we hit on some of the points in this video, and you are welcome to get a handout in the morning.  We have some apples for you if you want one also.

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To the lesson…. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:23:55 +0000 Read more]]> p p2 p3 We have a had a lot of interest in painting this week.  There were students that chose blank paper, an Eric Carle ladybug, or a tape resist Easter egg.  This led to a couple of our students changing the way they cleaned the easel.  They took the sponging lesson with water and scrubbed the easel clean instead of using the spray bottle and sponge.  This captivated many of the other children’s attention, and they couldn’t wait to get their turn.

Violet mastered the matching fabrics lesson! Look how she is admiring her work! I hope you see the beauty of her lesson.


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Happy Birthday Colton…. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:14:20 +0000 Read more]]>

o5 o7I love that the Montessori birthday celebration gives a concrete way for young children to understand the months of the year and the earth’s revolution around the sun each year. It also is a way for children to feel special and to connect with their place in the world.

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Exercise…. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:11:24 +0000 Read more]]> We were visited by the therapy dogs today.  They are so loveable and most of the children love to pet them and talk to them.  Some children took them on small walks.

We were surprised outside by Mrs. Valenza whom drew hopscotches on the ground in the alley.  We were practicing jumping with one foot or two feet.  o2 o4 o3 o

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Happy Spring!!! Fri, 20 Mar 2015 18:01:41 +0000 Read more]]> It is an amazing day to have a Super moon, Solar eclipse and Spring Equinox on the same day.  We were able to watch the eclipse on video since we weren’t able to see it in person.  If you want to watch, this site recorded it:

We began by either practicing yoga or using watercolors.  Then, we went on a bear hunt before Mrs. McFadden came to read “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”  and “5 little monkeys washing the car”.  She made this time very interactive and the kids loved telling the pigeon “No”.  Next, we had races in the gym.  We raced all together, girls only and boys only.  Afterwards, we took plastic eggs, paper, paint and marbles to make art.  Each child chose their own colors to mix and enjoyed shaking the eggs to create a masterpiece.  Some of them didn’t want to get paint on themselves, but I assured them that is ok and that sometimes artists get dirty!  1 2


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Hablo español ! Fri, 20 Mar 2015 17:46:22 +0000 Read more]]> We are working on a new good morning song by Mi Guittari by Joel Valle.  Here is the link:


We also were counting from 1-10 and then counting down from 10-1 in Spanish.  You could practice with this video:



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Readers and work cycle….. Wed, 18 Mar 2015 02:16:16 +0000 d2 d4 d3 d c12 c11 c10 c9 c8 c7 c2 c3 c4 c5 c

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Writing practice…… Wed, 18 Mar 2015 02:04:03 +0000

Writing in shaving cream is a fantastic sensory activity – perfect for learning letters, numbers and words. It’s both educational, irresistible & great fun.


sc4 sc sc3 sc2



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Horton Hears a Who? Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:28:47 +0000 Read more]]> Thank you so much, Mrs. Adair, for reading to our class today.  We all loved the book you chose!!


We were all very busy working today, getting new lessons, and refining our skills with lessons they were given in the past.  These are some of the pictures of the children working on their lessons.



Gavin was sharing the book “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb” with Max while drumming. Gavin was using the words from the book while using the bongos. Sam has a shapes puzzle and Colton was working on the red knobbless cylinders.

IMG_1119 (1)

Princeton was hammering a nail, Samuel was cutting lines with scissors, Kamdyn was working on her journal, Gavin was planting seeds, Violet was watching Colton color on cardboard with crayons, Cadence was working on land air and water.



Abby is writing in her journal.


Gavin was making shapes with rubberbands on the geoboard!


Colton had a lesson on the small geometric solids.


Kamdyn was working on magnetic vs nonmagnetic. Samuel has in and out. Josiah was brushing teeth, and Princeton was tweezing.


Violet was pouring with a funnel and cleaning up a spill. Maximus was getting a lesson on the lifecycle of a frog, and Colton was painting on the easel.


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