Bethany Noah


Position: Toddler Montessori Teacher

Education: Bachelor's in Geology

Bethany Noah found Freedom Montessori School three years ago when her daughter, Isabella, was to begin pre-school.  One of the things that drew her to the Montessori classroom was how Montessori recognizes each child as an individual spirit and works to assist each child to develop self confidence, independence, and a love of learning.   Dr. Maria Montessori’s idea that teaching is not merely to make the child understand or to force memorization, but to touch the imagination so much that it enthuses the child’s innermost core.  She pursues the embodiment of this idea with passion, dedication and love.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology, and has taken early education classes and workshops.  She worked in a preschool in North Carolina before joining our team.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

An outside adventure….

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We are artists!

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To the lesson….

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To the lesson….


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Pruning plants…

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Friday Lunch Stop.

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Our first week….

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Be cool about fire safety….

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First day of Summer School: Be cool about Fire Safety

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