We had…

visitors today from Fort Mill High School! They are students and future teachers. They came in and observed our little.. Read more

Catching the Breeze… Catching the Breeze…….

We had another wonderful day, even though we were a little busier than usual!! I am guessing it was from.. Read more

What Did You Do Today?

We had an awesome day and enjoyed our visitors! Today we had Fort Mill High School students come and visit.. Read more

This is the way we work…..

We had a great day.  We begin with our journals, and mostly like to write about Mom’s and Dad’s, but.. Read more

Go Green Fundraising and the Giving Tree

This is the link which tells you how to easily help us raise money for supplies.  Please review it and.. Read more

Walk beside me……

Thank you for letting your child walk to class, and carry his/her own supplies (bookbag, lunch, etc).  If they don’t.. Read more

Please look…

In your child’s folder. They have permission slips in there for our Library trip.  Also, there were still a couple.. Read more

Good afternoon…

We had our art enrichment today! What fun. We did leaf rubbings, in different fall colors. The students loved our.. Read more

Today I Worked On…

We had great start to our week!! Many came in and got right to work with any tears!! Parents you.. Read more

We had a…

Great day. We started our enrichment today. Mondays are Christian Education and we talked about forgiveness and what it means… Read more

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