Primary’s experiment

  Miss Dawkins showed us an experiment with colored water and flowers. The final picture shows what happened to the.. Read more

Encore: care of environment

  Everyone was excited to clean up the cafeteria by wiping the table and chairs, s everyone was excited to.. Read more

The sensory garden

  Princeton and Nolan helped Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Noah to plant the first edible plants in our sensory garden!  We.. Read more


Mrs. Patel taught music class.  We learned a new song. Please see Facebook for a portion of the song.  


Mercury was crossing in front of the sun today, but could only be seen with a telescope and special sun.. Read more

Teacher appreciation week: tues

This great big THANK YOU goes out to Lizzy and Mateo for my cards this morning!!!   You are amazing.. Read more

Teacher appreciation week: tues

    Mrs. Byers brought us a treat from Dunkin doughnuts to get us going!          .. Read more

Teacher appreciation week: Monday

Some of our friends blessed us with our favorite treats!  Thank you so much for the snacks! Love Mrs Noah.. Read more

Teacher appreciation week: Monday

Thanks to everyone whom provided fruit, yogurt, eggs, and sweet rolls for our breakfast!  This made a beautiful meal!  .. Read more

Chalk creations….


  We all enjoyed creating our own snack. We take turns toasting bread and serving others!


  We have been enjoying the experience of watching caterpillars change and grow. Everyone cannot wait until they turn into.. Read more

Picture day lessons

Praying mantis…..

    We had a break from the rain so Miss Noah’s class went outside to check on the sunflowers. When.. Read more

Earth day!!!!

    We had a lot of fun with our sorority sisters!  They taught us about recycling, lifecycle of a.. Read more

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