Mrs. Brantley

Leap into literacy….

  We we had a great time at the come see me event: leap into literacy!  We participated in songs,.. Read more


  Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by.. Read more

Creating super readers….

Madison blessed our classroom with some of her favorite books. She even read to our class this morning! Our care.. Read more

Our little bookworm….

  Lizzy was so happy to bring a bag of books to our classroom today. She wants all of our.. Read more

Our planets aligned!

I hope that you will take the time if possible to show your children our planets.  Over the next few.. Read more

Jan19 Welcome Mateo!!

We are so excited to have a new friend in our classroom.  His name is Mateo.  We sang a good.. Read more

Pe: Animal movement

We tried the following things: Star jumps:  We said “arms out” and jumped landing with our arms and legs out.. Read more

Fri. Jan 15

We had a celebration of life for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We began by reading a book about his.. Read more

Thurs. Jan 14

Christian Education: God tells me he provides for me. Today we went back to a portion of our church called.. Read more

Wed. Jan 13

Today was Art class.  It was great to be able to learn about penguins.  We now should know that penguins.. Read more

Tues. Jan 12

Today was Spanish class.  We reviewed our colors, and facial features.  Then, we used our hands to wave as we.. Read more

Mon. Jan 11

Today was music class.  We went to our music room to practice loud and soft sounds of the weather.  The.. Read more

Friday Jan. 8

It was a great day of learning for all of our students.  We learn best by play.  Everyone was able.. Read more

Art: A snowy scene

We went to the café for a snowy story which inspired us to make a snowy scene.  Take a look:.. Read more

Welcome back!

Even if you had trouble getting started with your day, you made it to school!  Everyone was excited to see.. Read more

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