Mrs. Brantley

Montessori Monday….

The elementary students have been working on Christmas oriented extensions of lessons this month in honor of Jesus’ upcoming birthday. .. Read more

Cutting down on colds…..

    SOURCE: The Well-Centered Child, November 2004 The average preschooler is estimated to catch at least four to six.. Read more

Christmas Caroling…

We are still practicing the song list that your child was given.  Some of these songs include Jingle Bells, Away.. Read more

Christmasville and Gift giving!

We were giving gifts on Main Street and found various retired teachers.  They were more than grateful to receive presents from the children. .. Read more

At first I was an egg….

If you have been eating eggs, we could really use your CLEAN eggshells for practical life lessons.  It would be great.. Read more

Welcome Quinn!!!

We would like to welcome you into our classroom at Freedom Montessori School, and are thrilled that you will be part of.. Read more

Guest Reader…

A wonderful lady, Miss. Colleen, came to our classroom to read a book.  She was so nice and continued to.. Read more

Thank you families!!!

This week in our Montessori classroom, we are focusing on the classroom community, building a sense of family. At home, there.. Read more

Wonder rug….

I wonder what is on the wonder rug.  I wonder who brought it in.  I wonder where it came from. .. Read more

I got it!

Our friends are naturally eager to do things for themselves.  I know it is difficult to wait for your child to.. Read more

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