Mrs. Boulware

PE: I can do that!

Today we followed simple instructions in the gym while playing a running game.  We talked about the start/beginning, when to.. Read more

to the lesson….

Our beta fish…..

 We are so thankful for our newest addition to our family:  Blue the fish!  The children started calling him blue.. Read more

Introducing Puppets!

We enjoyed the last two days during circle time.  Yesterday, we met Ms. Laymon (the puppet) during Music class.  She helped.. Read more

We Love Singing…

Something great about our Toddler Class is that they love to sing and dance, no matter the tune! I had.. Read more

Arctic animals

We are studying the continent of ANTARCTICA!  We are studying the arctic animals including arctic fox, polar bear, penguins, rabbits,.. Read more

Celebrating snow!

We had fun today working on our lessons.  It is exciting to see what we can accomplish by ourselves.  We.. Read more


While reading with your toddler: Toddlers and preschool children benefit from the 3 R’s: Rhythm, rhymes and repetition. Involve your.. Read more

Signing with music…

We are practicing how to sing Jesus loves me in sign language.  Check out this website to learn with us!!!.. Read more

Welcome back!!

Everyone enjoyed the new lessons today, and everyone is now able to work on the Geometric shapes.  They are learning.. Read more

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