Mrs. Boulware

What is this shape!?!?

We have sensorial lessons with shapes, and have been playing games with shapes during line time to improve gross motor.. Read more

Care of self….

Independence is an important goal in our Montessori classroom.   To teach independence, care-of-self lessons are on our practical life shelf.. Read more


Today we enjoyed a special visit from some of the Rock Hill firefighters! They talked to us about staying safe.. Read more

Finally Friday…

We had a great day with Ms. Dawkins, one of our teachers from Encore!! We enjoyed a sweet oranges brought.. Read more

A Beautiful Wednesday…

We got off to a great start this morning when Max/Mr.Lentz brought in a floral arrangement from their butterfly garden. .. Read more

Today My Lesson…

Today we received a new lesson on the “m” sound! The letter m is somewhat diffculut to make in sign.. Read more

In honor…

…of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are asking you to allow your child to wear PINK all month long! It.. Read more

Fantastic Friday!

We had a very good and peaceful work cycle today! Many of my friends did a great working on some of.. Read more

We Had..

…a great day! Today was picture day and it took some of my friends awhile to warm up to the.. Read more

Catching the Breeze… Catching the Breeze…….

We had another wonderful day, even though we were a little busier than usual!! I am guessing it was from.. Read more

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