Mrs. Cherry

Our planets aligned!

I hope that you will take the time if possible to show your children our planets.  Over the next few.. Read more

Fri. Jan 15

We had a celebration of life for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We began by reading a book about his.. Read more

Welcome back….

Most of our friends were quick to notice the new lessons on the shelf and couldn’t wait to be given.. Read more

Welcome Riley!!!!

Dear Families and friends, We would love to welcome our new friend, Riley Brewster, to our community.  Riley was a student.. Read more

Gratitude: Day 5

Mrs. Brantley:  I’m thankful for Family Trees and the pink tower!!! Ms. Noah:  I’m thankful for Nature. Mrs. Cherry:   I’m.. Read more

Gratitude: Day 4

  Ms. Laymon: I am thankful for Health. Ms. Turner:  I’m thankful for God’s grace! Mrs. Brantley:  I am thankful for.. Read more

Gratitude: Day 3

appreciativeness – warm friendly feelings of gratitude Mrs. Cherry:   I appreciate that God continues to give opportunities to make today better than.. Read more

Jesus feeds 5000

We had an awesome lesson on the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000 people.  We discussed that Jesus used 2 fish.. Read more

Turkey art

Our class is working on singing the words to Feliz Navidad.  We practiced a lot today on pronouncing the words… Read more

week of Nov 16

We’ve been walking outside after lunch, and were on the hunt for Christmas decorations.  Everyone thought the tree near City.. Read more

Gratitude: Day 2

Grateful:  feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.   Ms. Noah: I am grateful for my daughter, Isabella, who is the.. Read more

Gratitude: Day 1

With Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, we have been teaching the children about being Thankful for all of the things in.. Read more

Creation: Day 7

We read through the seven days of creation in our children’s bible, counted to seven, and colored the number 7.  We rested.. Read more

Happy Veteran’s Day (part 2)

Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

We were visited by two veterans today.  Mr. and Mrs. Byars (Zakai’s Mom and Dad) were in the Marines.  Everyone.. Read more

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