Mrs. Noah

Back to School: Preparing for Day One

Mrs. Cherry and I are hard at work preparing our classroom and fine-tuning and perfecting the beginning lessons.   We are.. Read more

Toddler Gym Time!!!

The Children’s Museum….

I absolutely love that this museum is based on Vernon Grant’s artwork. Vernon Grant was an illustrator best known for.. Read more

An outside adventure….

Monday we went to the sensory garden to see how the plants have grown.  We took our snack outside and.. Read more

We are artists!

Anyone can be an artist, and you should be very proud of your child.  Everyone worked very hard on their.. Read more

To the lesson….


Museum Monday: Comporium Telephone

We took a walk this morning to the Comporium Telephone Museum.  Everyone did well listening to their tour guides (Mr… Read more

Pruning plants…

There were lots of flowers in our sensory garden, so we just had to pick some.  Our beans are taller.. Read more

Friday Lunch Stop.

We went out to the Friday lunch stop to hear some music while we were eating lunch, and then we.. Read more

Our first week….

We had a great week and are very comfortable in our environment.  We are practicing care for the environment (dusting,.. Read more

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