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Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

We were visited by two veterans today.  Mr. and Mrs. Byars (Zakai’s Mom and Dad) were in the Marines.  Everyone.. Read more

Greet the week: Nov 9

We are not letting the rain slow us down today, and jumped right in to working on our lessons.  We.. Read more

Yoga & Spanish

During yoga, we used breathing exercises to go on an adventure to an island.  Large muscle groups helped us to.. Read more

Friday Encore….

We had a great time observing nature in our sensory garden.  We noticed insects, plants, leaves, roots, dirt, each other, etc… Read more


During Spanish class, we covered the topic of COLOURS.  We found various objects in our room which were red, yellow,.. Read more


Our young yogis enjoyed their yoga class today in the dance room.  Class began by breathing in and saying their.. Read more

Encore: What is that?

There were some amazing conversations this afternoon about spiders, hurricanes, plants, chalk, etc.  For our project, we took a bucket.. Read more

What a great week….

We have had a great week progressing through our lessons.  We added some lessons including matching objects to pictures, another.. Read more

We have a new student!!!

Our class is very excited to meet our new friend, Azahra!   She is the sweetest young lady, and everyone.. Read more

Encore: Cooperation

Everyone held hands and created a circle.  Then, we took turns kicking a ball.  The rules were that if the ball goes.. Read more


We had a great time during PE class which began by using a parachute.  Teaches turn-taking and cooperation Encourages cooperative.. Read more

Handprint leaves….Encore

Some of our friends made handprint leaves during Encore.  We talked about the parts of a leaf, and the children.. Read more

God’s Creation on Day 2….Art

We made beautiful pictures with clouds and the ocean.  This was to represent the bible verse Gen 1:6 when God.. Read more

Day 2 of Creation….

 “And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the.. Read more

International Peace Day

We enjoyed a peaceful day singing to our neighbors on Main St, at the Police Station, and the Library!  .. Read more

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