Mrs. Boulware

Parts of a plant…..

We used tulips to show the children the parts of a plant:  roots, stem, leaves and flowers.   Everyone was.. Read more

I’m glad you made it!

Mornings are probably a hectic time for everyone with parents rushing to make breakfast and lunch at the same time.. Read more

Toddler Yoga

In today’s yoga class, we practiced Sun salutations which included the following poses: Mountain pose, Forward bend (hello feet), Downward facing dog, plank,.. Read more

Montessori @ Home…..

Thank you for attending the Montessori Parent Workshop. We hope that you found the workshop informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal.. Read more

To the lesson….

 We have a had a lot of interest in painting this week.  There were students that chose blank paper, an.. Read more

Happy Birthday Colton….

I love that the Montessori birthday celebration gives a concrete way for young children to understand the months of the year.. Read more


We were visited by the therapy dogs today.  They are so loveable and most of the children love to pet.. Read more

Happy Spring!!!

It is an amazing day to have a Super moon, Solar eclipse and Spring Equinox on the same day.  We were able to.. Read more

Hablo español !

We are working on a new good morning song by Mi Guittari by Joel Valle.  Here is the link: Read more

Readers and work cycle…..

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