Ms. Noah

Happy Valentines Day!!!


1/2 day Folders

did not go home today. I am so sorry but Mrs. Melka was out sick today and I just did.. Read more

100th day of school!!!!

It was a beautiful day at school today, and a surprise for many to walk through our 100th day banner! .. Read more

The Library was….

great today! We sang songs and read really loved story time. Some of my little friends did not have coats.. Read more

I’m Lizzy Loo…

My son Dylan came in to read to the afternoon kids before Shavausana. The kids were very taken with him!.. Read more

We are having…

A great time with our new students, Celia and Adelynn! Ask your students about their new friends!!

Gift of giving!

…God loves a cheerful giver!   The children of our school have been cheerfully giving to others for 10 days. .. Read more

Montessori Monday….

The elementary students have been working on Christmas oriented extensions of lessons this month in honor of Jesus’ upcoming birthday. .. Read more

Cutting down on colds…..

    SOURCE: The Well-Centered Child, November 2004 The average preschooler is estimated to catch at least four to six.. Read more

Today’s gifts….

We are so happy to have the children bless our community with their gifts.  Our toddler class went for a short walk on.. Read more

At first I was an egg….

If you have been eating eggs, we could really use your CLEAN eggshells for practical life lessons.  It would be great.. Read more

Thank you families!!!

This week in our Montessori classroom, we are focusing on the classroom community, building a sense of family. At home, there.. Read more

I got it!

Our friends are naturally eager to do things for themselves.  I know it is difficult to wait for your child to.. Read more

Thanksgiving Blessings…..

We are still in need of helpers to bring items for our Thanksgiving dinner.   Some of the items include.. Read more

Don’t Forget…

Your child’s $5.00 for the Bee Ladies tomorrow!!!! This will be a wonderful learning experience for them!!!

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